Going through my old MAD stuff…

The other day, while cleaning & sorting through the accumulated “stuff” in my office (something I do religiously at least once every quarter century), I ran across the following in a box marked “MAD” – evidently from the early 90s (and hardly touched since then):

  • A random MAD issue with a back cover piece credited to me…that I have no recollection of having written! Hmm. Could be the Old-Timer’s Disease acting up…but more likely it’s: “You KNOW you’ve written Way Too Much MAD-crap WHEN…”
  • A VHS videotape (!!) of the Memorial for MAD Publisher Bill Gaines held a few days after his death in 1992, which the magazine office sent out to freelancers, etc. who weren’t there in person. Just as sad to watch now, even though most speakers were trying to keep it ‘light’ like “Bill would’ve wanted.” Hard to believe it’s been 18 years since he died. (Also hard to believe how much VHS tapes deteriorate in that time! Be sure and copy your family videos over to DVD before it’s too late…so they’ll be there for your kids or grandkids to copy over to whatever new video format totally replaces DVDs!)
  • A photo taken on the 1993 MAD trip to Monte Carlo of myself, John Caldwell, and several of the “OG” Usual Gang of Idiots – y’know, marquee names associated with MAD going back to the 50s when it was a comic book — sitting at an outdoor cafe, drinking & shmoozing. This photo jogged my memory of conversation that took place at that table (see, it’s NOT the Old-Timer’s Disease!): Everyone was lamenting Bill’s death the previous year, and one of the OGs (I can’t recall which) offered the opinion, “…without Bill, I don’t see MAD surviving more than a couple years.” Then, to my moderate surprise, all of the other OGs nodded in agreement, as if this were a foregone conclusion. Let’s see: Bill died in 1992; the “couple years” until these MAD Founding Fathers assumed it would go ‘belly up’ would’ve been 1994/95…so, actually, when you look at it: MAD has had another unexpected, “free” 15 years of life! There. That’s just something for you “glass is half-full” people.

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  1. Mike,
    I stop by to see your rantings every now and then. Thanks for keeping it going.
    You may or may not be familiar with my fan site. I’ve been going through every issue from day one and updating artist and writer credits (up to #337 as of this note) just so people have an idea who was responsible for all this great literature. I had some notion that you had contributed, just no notion how extensive until I started this insane exercise.
    You ought to scan that 1993 picture and put it up for all to see.
    An even Madder request would be to somehow convert that Gaines memorial video to YouTube.
    Well, that’s all i wanted to say – pointless note I know.

  2. Doug – sure, I’m familiar with your MAD Cover site — very cool! About the Bill Gaines memorial video…I don’t know, I think I’d feel funny about putting it out on YouTube or whatever, since these were people who were close to Bill, and these were personal moments they probably never anticipated being made public…

  3. Mike,
    Couldn’t find another way to contact you so hope you don’t mind here.
    I’ve been discussing writing credits with Frank Jacobs. He says you two co-wrote a “tattoo” and “lists” piece. So I dug up the following titles to get your take since you’re not credited:
    Mad’s Really Relevant Book of Lists from #225 and Mad’s Really Relevant Book of Lists Volume 2 from #260 and #310′s A Mad Commentary: Tattoos with art by Jaffee. He was sure on the two lists features but not sure on that tattoo piece.
    Doug Gilford

  4. 分析的很透彻,很欣赏你的看法,学习了。

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