Bowling with Andrew…for the Kids

What’s up these days with Andrew J. Schwartzberg, former MAD intern & Assistant Editor and unwitting “star” of MAD’s longest-running practical joke (as well as being a friend of mine)? Funny you should ask: these days he’s working for Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Central Arizona – which is currently engaged in their annual¬†”Bowl for Kids’ Sake” fundraiser. This year, Andrew and I decided to do something “extra” – something that would enable us, as creative people (and hams!) to show off his acting abilities and my (alleged) videographic and video-editing skills. So here they are:
[BTW: This is for real -- so, all you cheap losers who haven't been buying T-shirts from my "sponsor" at the left, follow the link and make a donation in Andrew's name. Seriously. Thanks.]


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  1. Hi Mike……has this site been forgotten about? Hasn’t been anything posted since May. I was enjoying reading your views!


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