The Town so nice, they named it Twice…

Had a fun-filled weekend in New York! (That, plus driving cross-country 9 hours a day, is going to be my excuse for not having posted in a week.)

Went to the obligatory Broadway musical — something called “[title of show]” ([not a typo, that's the actual title]). A funny show about the writing of the show itself, starring the actual writers of the show, and their actress friends they got to play the roles of “actress friends they got to play the roles.” (Don’t think about it, you’ll get a headache.) It played for awhile Off-Broadway, attracting a loyal base of cult-fans…who were ALL in the audience when I saw it, the night after the official On-Broadway opening, laughing and clapping far too loud, to let the rest of us know what a singular artistic masterpiece we were watching. (And hoping to impress a few leftover critics and potential Tony-voters?) Nonetheless, I consider it a well-spent evening if for no other reason than learning a new word (which I’m assuming they coined): “PROCRASTURBATION”n. the act of sexual self-gratification performed for the additional purpose of avoiding other work one should be doing. (I plan on using that word regularly. Join me, won’t you?)

Spent an entire day bumming around the city with some family I haven’t seen in too long. (Thanks, Cyndi & Jeff; and Their Three Sons, Keith, Eric & Ryan! Had a great time!)

And I got to touch bases with some fellow MAD contributors/freelancers who live in the area. After talking with them about the State of MAD…my advice to any of you out there who have ever wanted to try to sell something to MAD is — do it NOW! (But we spent far more time reminiscing about the good times, especially The MAD Trips! About which, I’ll have lots more in future posts.)

Last stop in the Empire State: the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. But they STILL hadn’t even broken ground on that new “Steroids Wing” yet!

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